Saturday, October 12, 2013

Authority Cosmetics Swatches and Reviews

Hey everyone!  I've got yet another indie brand to share with you!  I know I've been swatching indies a lot recently, but that's cause they're awesome, right?  Authority Cosmetics is a vegan and 5-free brand.  Because I paint my nails so frequently, I've been trying to use more polishes that don't contain hazardous chemicals, so the fact that these are 5-free is amazing.  I love it.   And now for the pictures!

 Khloe is a beautiful royal purple with a subtle shimmer that shifts from pink to blue.  It's kind of hard to stop looking at your nails when you have it on.  I was very impressed with the formula and coverage; it was opaque in two coats.  It also had great dry time.  The shine is amazing,  no topcoat!

Emerald Sky is quite possibly my favorite of the trio.  It's an absolutely gorgeous pearly
forest green that looks almost blue or purple in different lighting.  It's so unique, and marvelous, and stunning, and I could just go on and on about it.  Great formula.  It's perfect, that's all there is to it.

Look at that sparkle!  I'm drooling!

I Heart You is also amazing.  I think it may be one of my all time favorite glitter polishes.  There's lots of pink and silver glitter and light and dark pink hearts.  The hearts are to die for; so cute!  I really just can't wait to wear this for Valentine's Day.  Only four more months...  Like the other two, the formula and dry time were perfect.   The photos show two coats over white.

One other thing that caught my eye was the bottle.  I am soooo impressed with them!   Even down to the label on the bottom, there was just so much detail and thought that went into each one.  So professional!

Well, I think I can safely say that my first taste of Authority Cosmetics was fabulous!  Such great polishes.  I may have mentioned it but  I.  Am.  In.  Love.  Do yourself a favor and go buy a bottle or two!  As a launching special, they're offering free shipping and $5 off each bottle on their Etsy shop!!!  Don't let that deal slip away!  You can also go and like Authority Cosmetics' facebook page, or follow them on instagram at authoritycosmetics.
Have a great weekend!


*These products were sent in exchange for my honest review

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