Saturday, November 30, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Hey everybody!
I don't know how many of you saw my last "post," but it was a little funky.  Blogger doesn't seem to be saving my pictures, and is posting just text instead.  This has been going on for two days, and I'm trying to work it out.  Hopefully I'll have my post up by tomorrow, it's a good one!
Thanks for understanding!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for so many things, my awesome family, home, and food.  So in honor of this delicious holiday, I decided to do some turkey nail art.  

 I decided it needed some bling, so I added rhinestones :)

 I love these, I think the turkey really turned out well!  I hope you like them too!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doctor Lacquer Silent As The Night Swatch and Review

Hi everyone!
Today I've got some more Doctor Lacquer to share with you!  I absolutely loved my first polishes from her, so when her holiday collection came out, I made sure to pick one up!

This beautiful baby is Silent As The Night.  Just look at all of that lovely squishy goodness!  There is a whole bunch of glitter in here, I don't think I could possibly name it all!

 I was having to fish for the big circles, so I turned it upside for a couple of minutes and didn't have any problems.  I actually like it like that, so you can decide to wear it with or without the circles.  It's like two polishes in one!  This polish is can also be ordered with snowflake glitters.  

The formula was great; it was a tad sheer because it's a jelly, but built up pretty easily.  This is three coats plus top coat.

Ok, seriously, how cute is that santa tooth?!?!  I'm dying over here!

I love this, it's so pretty!  And squishy!  The Doctor Lacquer holiday collection, called Idioms Come But One A Year, is available for purchase here, and here. Go check 'em out, there's some really gorgeous ones!
Happy Thursday!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Barielle Elle's Spell Swatch and Review

Hey everybody!
Today's swatch is of Elle's Spell by Barielle.   This polish came out quite a while ago, in the 2010 Holiday Hustle collection.  I can't believe I hadn't got my hands on this sooner, it's soooo gorgeous!

Elle's Spell is a dark berry jelly that builds up to red if you add enough coats.  I used three coats because I wanted the more red appearance, but you could easily get away with two.
The dry time was average.

The best part of this polish is all of the wonderfully amazing flakies!  They really make the polish.   In different lighting the flakes shift from orange, to yellow, to green.

Why is this polish so pretty?!?!  I'm going to have a really hard time not applying it over and over again!  Great job Barielle!
Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jenna Hipp Tweet Me Swatch and Review

Hi!   Today I've got a quick swatch to share with you.  
Recently I saw a set of Jenna Hipp polishes at Costco and decided to pick it up.  Jenna Hipp polishes are five free. 

This is Tweet Me, a soft pastel yellow.  While the color isn't very unique, it's very pretty!  

The formula on this definitely isn't the greatest.  Actually, it's quite bad.  It's super streaky and hard to even out.  I thought it would be good after two coats, but it needed three.  On the other hand though, the dry time and shine are amazing, this without top coat.

I would have to give this polish only three stars.  Sorry Jenna Hipp!  I may wear it again because I like the color, but the formula kind of ruined it for me. :(
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Backwoods Nails Swatches and Reviews

Hi everybody!  I've got more Backwoods Nails for you today!  Yay!  You can buy Backwoods Nails here. 
On to the pictures!

First is Christmas Traditions.  The name says it all folks.  This polish is Christmas in a bottle!  There are so many types of glitter in this polish, matte, sparkly, bar, hex, circle, the list goes on and on!   Super pretty.  This is one coat over black and silver with topcoat.  The dry time was average.

Next is Ocean Wave, a glitter blend of aqua micro hexes and large hexes.  The pictures really don't do this justice, and in reality the color is a bit darker.  I had a hard time capturing the color.  This is one coat over white.

This photo shows the color the most accurately. ^^^

Winter Wonderland is my favorite.  This polish is a mix a white and blue mix of squares, hexes, and micro glitters.  I love how it looks like freshly fallen snow.  It's very elegant, I feel like if I were going to a winter ball I would wear this.  This is one coat over a light nude base.  Average dry time.

These polishes bring new meaning to the phrase 'glitter bomb!'  I'm so impressed, they are all gorgeous!  Don't forget to buy yours in time for the holiday season!  Backwoods Nails is sold here.
Have a wonderful weekend!

*These products were sent in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nail Candy By Vee Swatches and Reviews

Hey everyone!  Today I've got some Nail Candy By Vee for you!  This is a new indie brand with some amazing polishes!
First up is Green Lights, a beautiful frosty green/blue shimmer.  The color on this is fabulous; so pretty.  The formula was a little on the thick side.  This is two coats with top coat.

 Pumpkin Spice is a golden brown polish with a bit of shimmer; perfect for fall.  It reminds me of pumpkin pie!  The formula on this one was also kind of thick, but once I added thinner it was perfect!  Two thin coats plus top coat.
Purple Haze is a beautiful lavender polish with a soft shimmer.  Once dry, it looks like it's glowing!  This polish is matte.  The formula was great, just a tad bit sheer.  Three coats, no top coat.

Carnival Candy is full of holo hex glitters, blue hexes, pink/purple hexes, and blue and pink micro glitters in a light purple base.  I have this layered on top of Purple Haze.  Good formula and dry time.

Ruby is a maroon creme.  I love how deep this color is!  The formula was great, and it had a quick dry time.  This is two coats plus top coat.

Golden Shot is a stunning polish full of gold bars, hexes, and micro glitters.  This is layered over Ruby.  I love this combo!  Nice formula and dry time.

Skys Of Blue blue is an incredible blend of blue bars,  silver hexes, and blue and silver micro glitters in a blue jelly base.  Wow, this is amazing!!  I am totally in love!  The depth is so great, it's so fun to look at your nails when you have this on.  I used three thin coats on it's own, with top coat.

This assortment of polishes is so beautiful!  My favorites are definitely Purple Haze, Golden Shot, and Skys Of Blue.  You can order Nail Candy By Vee here, and follow her on instagram: veronica1166.  Go check her out!
Have an amazing week!


*These products were sent in exchange for my honest review.