Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gradient Dot Nail Design

This design is a combination of two of my favorite things on my nails: Dots and blue polish.   I also love gradients, so while trying to think of a new combination of colors I thought, "Hey!  Why not do a blue dotted gradient?"  So this is the result, and I really like it.   I was  afraid that the dots would smudge once I put on topcoat, but it turned out fine, so that's great.  I hope you like the design!  The video is on YouTube, you can view it here.

Products I Used:

Sinful Colors Snow Me White-  I love this polish because it's a one-coater and it dries amazingly fast.  However, even if I don't shake the bottle, it bubbles terribly on my nails.  It's perfect for designs though.

Love and Beauty Light Blue-  It's such a pretty  color, but it takes forever to dry!   I'm talking almost two hours.  Totally not cool.  So it's good to use it on tiny designs that use barely any polish.

Nabi Hot Flower-  I really like the color of this polish, but it's one of those metallic colors that show every brush stroke.   It all depends on if you know how to work with it.  I just use the old one stroke on either side then one stroke down the middle method.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It- A pretty good dark blue, I've talked about it before.

Revlon ColorStay Topcoat-  Nothing's changed with this one.  It still cracks my polish.

Reading over this, it seems like all of the polishes I used had something wrong with them.  Sorry if it seems too negative!  I hope you enjoyed!


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