Thursday, September 12, 2013

Orly Robo Romance Swatch and Review

Hi Everyone!  Today's swatch is of Orly's Robo Romance.  I bought this color because I really wanted a soft, baby pink color.  And let's just say, I was sOrly disappointed(see what I did there? With the the sorely Orly thing?).  Really though, bad puns aside, this polish really was a big bummer. 

First of all, on Orly's website says that this is a holographic polish.  This is in no way holographic.  AT ALL.   It is a pale pink polish with a bit of square glitter.  Emphasis on a bit. 
Speaking of glitter, the one thing I did like about this polish was that the few pieces of glitter were square, which I thought was a really cool effect.

Now to the real reason I dislike this polish:   It has no color whatsoever.  When you put on the first coat, it looks like base coat.  Nothing.  Second coat, barely anything.  What you see in the pictures is six coats over white.  And that, to me, is absolutely ridiculous.  If Orly could come up with a more pigmented version of this, I would love it.   But I don't think you'll catch me wearing this anytime soon.

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