Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jenna Hipp Tweet Me Swatch and Review

Hi!   Today I've got a quick swatch to share with you.  
Recently I saw a set of Jenna Hipp polishes at Costco and decided to pick it up.  Jenna Hipp polishes are five free. 

This is Tweet Me, a soft pastel yellow.  While the color isn't very unique, it's very pretty!  

The formula on this definitely isn't the greatest.  Actually, it's quite bad.  It's super streaky and hard to even out.  I thought it would be good after two coats, but it needed three.  On the other hand though, the dry time and shine are amazing, this without top coat.

I would have to give this polish only three stars.  Sorry Jenna Hipp!  I may wear it again because I like the color, but the formula kind of ruined it for me. :(
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Baby yellow :D it look so soft and innocent color!

  2. I like this color!! Yellow polishes like this are always beautiful :) x

  3. This looks like such a soft, pretty color -- beautiful swatches! I have yet to find a yellow that has a good formula... sigh :(

    1. Thank you! Yeah, yellows seem to all be streaky or thick :(